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CCTV systems for video surveillance

Electrical systems in major projects of renowned hotels

Certified partner for KNX systems

Professional conference technology

Efficient network infrastructure

CCTV systems for video surveillance

Elektroanlagen in Großprojekten renommierter Hotels

Zertifizierter Partner für KNX-Anlagen

Professionelle Konferenztechnik

Leistungsfähige Netzwerk-Infrastruktur

CCTV Anlagen zur Videoüberwachung

Professionally planned and installed video surveillance ensures security in hotels and other large buildings at selected locations such as underground car parks or in the entrance area. We install powerful alarm and video surveillance systems and integrate them into the network as a CCTV system.

Whatever requirements you place on the planning and installation of various electrotechnical systems or data networks: We are your technically competent partner with over 15 years of experience in large projects and provide you with all services from a single source.

CCTV systems for video surveillance | ETM - Elektro GmbH