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Efficient network infrastructure requires intelligent planning

Electrical systems in major projects of renowned hotels

Certified partner for KNX systems

Professional conference technology

Efficient network infrastructure

CCTV systems for video surveillance

Elektroanlagen in Großprojekten renommierter Hotels

Zertifizierter Partner für KNX-Anlagen

Professionelle Konferenztechnik

Leistungsfähige Netzwerk-Infrastruktur

CCTV Anlagen zur Videoüberwachung

The technically flawless operation of a large object requires a well thought-out network infrastructure in order to optimally supply all participants involved in the network, from users to PCs and mobile devices to the various video conference solutions or bus systems.

With many years of experience and comprehensive expertise, we ensure a powerful and flexible network infrastructure and communication technology. If necessary, we integrate the necessary communication systems accordingly.

Efficient network infrastructure requires intelligent planning | ETM - Elektro GmbH