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Certified partner for KNX systems

Electrical systems in major projects of renowned hotels

Certified partner for KNX systems

Professional conference technology

Efficient network infrastructure

CCTV systems for video surveillance

Elektroanlagen in Großprojekten renommierter Hotels

Zertifizierter Partner für KNX-Anlagen

Professionelle Konferenztechnik

Leistungsfähige Netzwerk-Infrastruktur

CCTV Anlagen zur Videoüberwachung

ETM Elektro GmbH is a certified partner for KNX systems and takes on the planning and implementation of a wide variety of KNX systems from simple to highly complex bus controls for successful building automation that is individually adapted to the requirements.

In the development of the automatically controlled lighting concepts, we accompany you from planning, to the procurement of the lighting elements and finally to installation. Do you need lights specially manufactured to your specifications? Here, too, we are your competent contact.

Certified partner for KNX systems | ETM - Elektro GmbH